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novia [naw-vyah; English noh-vee-uh]

Definition of Novia.

Spanish. A girlfriend or sweetheart.


Hey! It’s me, Elle.


I’m glad that you’ve come to sneak on my site.


Well, I am here to share what’s in my thought and experiences with all the ladies.


This is a place for me to speak out to you as my girlfriends and of course, keep myself busy jotting down stuff that pass-thru my wobbly mind.


How do I come up with the name Nouvya?


As I am a hippy person, I always love being with my girlfriends.

So since I’m a Mother and no longer capable of hanging out with them, I guess being here with you is more than enough.


What will you be expecting on this site will be more than a sharing forum. In fact, it could be like a best friend’s talk.


I am sharing what I have gone through and what should women know.


A little background of me.


I have 4 kids, from different eras separating boys and girls with a gap of 10 years.


The Abangs (Brothers) were from my hubby’s previous marriage.


So my part of having the girls has given me a much more confident and solution on how to conquer their upbringing and best behavior in character building and personality.


Stick around and take a tour to see all the attractions on this site! I’m sure you will find something to enjoy.


You can reach out to me anytime on Twitter or Instagram to talk about our obsessions, ask questions, or do anything else!

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Hi, I'm Elle Faye

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My little corner of the internet; the space I jot down my idea, passion and interest.

I write mainly about digital, personal opinion, motherhood, self-development and self-growth.


Note: This blog is in English & Bahasa Melayu.


Thanks for visiting me. Let’s be friend!