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novia [naw-vyah; English noh-vee-uh]

Definition of Novia.

Spanish. A girlfriend or sweetheart.

Hey! Glad that you’ve come to sneak on the Nouvya site.

Well, we’re here to share what’s in our thought and experiences with all the ladies.

This is a place for us to speak out to you as our girlfriends and of course, keep myself busy jotting down stuff that pass-thru ourwobbly mind.

How do we come up with the name Nouvya?

As hippy people, we always love being with our girlfriends.

What will you be expecting on this site will be more than a sharing forum. In fact, it could be like a best friend’s talk.

We’ll be sharing what we’ve gone through and what should women know.

A little background of Elle.

Elle started a digital lifestyle blog in 2020 and has been in love with writing and creating content for readers to find and soak in ever since.

She taught herself everything she needed to know about websites, blogging, and publishing articles plus creating opportunities for engagement during that process which helped her land jobs in digital marketing.

She found herself enjoying being a digital enthusiast and as a ghostwriter to fill her passion during the pandemic.

Throughout the MCO, Elle has honed in on developing the skills and creativity that it takes to turn her dream into a career.

A little background of Faye.

Faye first pursued her career as an event director for international competitions related to the school’s co-curricular activities and as a medical services administrator.

While she enjoyed the challenge that came with being the mastermind in high-acuity settings, there was a large part of her that missed channeling her creative side.

She started freelance writing and personal blogging in 2019 and joined the Nouvya Blog team actively in 2022.

Since then, her role has grown to a full-time capacity in which she functions as stay-at-home personnel and shares stuff that created part of Nouvya.

Stick around and take a tour to see all the attractions on this site! We’re sure you will find something to enjoy.

You can reach out to us anytime on Twitter or Instagram to talk about our obsessions, ask questions, or do anything else!

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